Where You Live Does Make A Difference

It’s been my contention for some time that where you live affects who you are and how you feel. I also believe that interaction between ourselves and the environment we live in directly affects how successful we are in relationships and business. New research indicates that I may not be far from the truth. In this study, Illinois (Chicago) doesn’t fare very well. while southern states are much more conducive to the well-being of their residents.

Actually, in my experience, the abundance of warm weather and sunshine has a lot to do with it. But also, there’s the factor of cultural norms that dictate how a person lives in various parts of the country. Find the place that resonates with your own needs and you’re bound to be happier. 

Caveat: As more people find and relocate to “the ideal place” those places develop new cultures – some positive and some negative. For example, Albuquerque in the early 70’s was a much different place than it is today. It’s taken on many of the characteristics of larger cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York (but of course, that’s where many of the new residents are coming from.

If you’re looking to relocate, consider studies like this while doing your research:

Sunshine states are the happiest, study shows

People in sunny, outdoorsy states — Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, [New Mexico] — say they’re the happiest Americans, and researchers think they know why.

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